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Komm und sieh 27 16. Komm und sieh 27 17. Komm und sieh 27 11. Komm und siem reap. Usually what happens when it comes to War movies with me is that while I watch them rarely when I do get round to watching them what I'm looking for is something dark, something that at the end of the day I'll remember and the reason why I watched this is because on the war movies I do like this is thrown in amongst them as being like, one of the best ones ever. So I decided to give it a go and it really is one of the better movies like this.
Flor is an early teen in 1943 who likes to play War with his little brother and dig for buried guns. When Flor finds one he decides to enlist and what follows is him losing his childhood and later his sanity in one fell swoop due to terrible things happening around him even after losing his entire platoon.
I don't even know what to say about this movie now. The sheer emotion that comes from the scenes would be enough to ensure that nobody would come even close to making a movie like this again. In this movie you have children being blamed for the execution and forced migration of the entire population of his village, a random woman gang raped by Nazi's until she is sterile, firebombing with people inside it and so much more. I don't want to talk about it because I'll be here all day. What makes these scenes so much worse then if they were in any other war movie is that the protagonist is a child. It just adds that extra effect from being an optimistic young boy into the crazy guy that repeatedly shoots Hitler's portrait because he just-so-happened to come across it in a puddle of water.
That and almost everything else is done well. The cinematography is haunting, the acting is superb even the sound design is kind of mixed. At times we hear what Flor hears with his almost deafness due to the bomb, however at times it just abruptly jumps when we get to another scene. All these make Come and See stand out for even more then just being extremely dark and showing a part of WWII History I never knew. I would say my biggest complaint is that there is no direct supporting characters to Flor. It might be more realistic that way but when he regroups with 3 soldiers in one scene only to have 2 of them die in the next, then have the other one die a scene later. I'm sorry, who are these people? It just would make more sense from a character and narrative standpoint.
If movies like Downfall, Stalingrad (the original) The Winter War and many other European war movies that just do whatever possible to show the darker sides of war and you haven't seen this yet, I would suggest running to the first copy you see and getting it as soon as possible. While it isn't for everyone (which I can understand COMPLETELY if this is not for you) and it does have a couple of problems I would suggest watching it.

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